104 avenue des Champs-Elysées,

a prestigious building in an equally impressive district.
From the outside, nothing shows through.
However, inside, square meters lead a double life.

On the stack side, Graf Notaires, a notary office.
On the front side, Graf Galerie and its works of art.

The piece continuously rotating on the edge, the two are in fact inseparable and merge. Whoever comes to this place to perform an official act will do so under artistic benevolence, meeting or signature rooms are both places of exhibition.

GRAF, a name that sounds like a destiny to be fulfilled, that of opening its doors to urban art and the new HIYA event! : URBAN L 421.1.
All rooms invested.

Eleven HIYA! artists plus the sculptor and painter Jean Faucheur.

One or more artists per room. And each room which becomes the gallery of artists. A perimeter entirely dedicated to them to build their worlds and exhibit their works there. Make their touch and their spirit reign there. Street-artists, graffiti-artists, canvases, drawings, sculptures, the sprawling exhibition and its maze of pieces will run through June 13 with Ariane's soundtrack stretched by the DJs of Good Dirty Sound.

URBAN L421.1,
as the number of the article of the town planning code which governs building permits. And of which HIYA! freed himself for his exhibition.





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