Mona-Lisa is the dream of two nightlife entrepreneurs who wanted to offer a magical place, a temple of hedonism dedicated to partying and celebrating the senses.

Ideally located in the 1st borough of Paris, in the heart of the city of lights,
a meeting of arts and techniques, a place where know-how unites with the imagination
to create a unique alchemy, based on elegance, sobriety, avant-garde and mystery.

We dine there, we dance, we talk, we exchange,
it's a night walk where the spirit wanders, gets lost and then finds itself.
We surrender to serendipity.

Adorned with solid copper, thick velvet, enhanced with precious wood and waxed concrete, the Mona-Lisa is more than a boudoir, it is a jewel, a luxurious vessel shared between dreamlike

and mystery that will take you away or end of the night, at the end of your dreams.



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